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We help your DTC brand grow with a creative-first advertising strategy for new customers, increased sales, and explosive growth.



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To make a real impact with ads, we go beyond mere data. Which angles work best with your target audience? What problems are they facing? What pain points are they experiencing? And what do they (secretly) desire? We believe that data becomes more powerful when you also look at your marketing with a human, creative perspective. This way, we uncover the key triggers crowd of fired up and what type of ads trigger them to buy something.

Through clever, creative, and well-thought-out AOV & CLTV optimization techniques, we ensure that your customers return to you more quickly, resulting in increased revenue and the ability to make a greater impact. The very reason why you do what you do, isn’t it?

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With our proven & successful approach, your DTC brand will achieve the growth you’ve always dreamed of. Here’s how we do it.

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/ Stay top of mind with your biggest fans

We position your brand at the forefront of your biggest (future) fans’ minds. This ensures that they notice, engage, and purchase. And, they’ll tell everyone about how great your product is. This way, your brand experiences consistent growth.



/ Grow your revenue and fan base with Adwave

You are a driven direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand, almost at the peak of success, but frustrated with the lack of tangible results and reliable communication from your marketing agencies. You’ve been promised success, but it hasn’t materialized. Just like a dedicated point of contact and the golden opportunities you’ve been promised.

At Adwave Agency, you join a tight-knit team of professionals dedicated to diving deep into your growth and revenue objectives. We’re not just service providers; we’re your partners in success. We understand what your business requires, and we promise you this: we don’t shoot blindly; we hit the mark. Wondering how we can actively boost your sales and make your cash register ring more frequently?


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With creative multichannel advertising strategies, clever funnels and effective landing pages, we make sure you stay top of mind with your very biggest (future) fans.

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/ Growth Marketing For DTC Brands

With creative multichannel advertising strategies, clever funnels and effective landing pages, we make sure you stay top of mind with all-time greatest (future) fans. 

Performance Ad Creatives

We produce direct-response UGC & static ad creatives. Everything is scripted, produced and edited by our team.

Tracking & Analytics

Enhance ad performance and attribution accuracy with improved tracking. We offer customized, top-tier server-side tracking in partnership with Converge.

Multichannel Media Buying

We craft a multichannel strategy for your Meta, TikTok, and Google ads, continuously optimizing them with dynamic budgets and targets.


/ What Our Clients Are Saying

Nathan Harlaar
Nathan Harlaar
Yoram is really helpfull and has a ton of experience in the ecom game with big budgets. I really like his approach regarding the overal marketing spend/strategy. He helps with the creative strategy, but also with pushing towards the right metrics like AOV and conversion rate which is as important as the marketing campaigns itself. Recommend to work with him if you are in a scalable position with enough marketing budgets!
Julian Jagtenberg
Julian Jagtenberg
In the world of digital marketing, finding a reliable agency that transcends the traditional approach of technical media buying can be quite challenging. We at Somnox have had our fair share of experiences with various agencies, but none have left a mark quite like AdWave. Our partnership with AdWave has been nothing short of a delightful journey towards unlocking true growth through paid advertising channels. What sets AdWave apart is their comprehensive understanding that successful paid social campaigns are not solely about media buying. They excel because they focus intensely on creative content, deep consumer research, and continuous iterations based on solid data analysis. Their team is not just comprised of media buyers; they are a blend of creatives, strategists, and senior growth marketers who are committed to scaling businesses. I highly recommend AdWave to any business that’s serious about leveraging paid channels to scale up effectively. They bring a level of sophistication and innovation to their campaigns that is rare in the industry. If you’re prepared to take your digital advertising efforts to the next level, partnering with AdWave could be one of the best decisions you can make for your growth trajectory.
Stas Gorbunov
Stas Gorbunov
Working with Niek to achieve our business goals has been an absolute pleasure. His unparalleled expertise and effortlessly communicative style make him an exceptional partner. Niek's commitment to excellence and collaborative approach have significantly enhanced our working relationship, and we look forward to continued success together.
Katelyn Belch
Katelyn Belch
Working with Adwave for our paid media advertising and strategy has been an outstanding experience! What truly stands out is their unwavering commitment to staying on top of the latest digital marketing trends. They're not just flexible; they're eager to explore new, cool ideas. As a brand keen on expanding our audience, their support is absolutely invaluable to us. We definitely recommend Adwave to any business seeking to enhance their digital presence and connect with a broader audience! Katelyn B., Marketing Director Grow Fragrance
Joel Goudsmit
Joel Goudsmit
I have been working with Yoram directly for about a year now and I would highly recommend him to anyone that wants to grow his brand online. Yoram has played a key role in the rapid growth that we have seen in the past year. He uses smart, effective and multi-channel advertising strategies to consistently generate new traffic and customers. Within the first 6 months of our collaboration, we already saw an increase in sales of 130% compared to the year before! Besides, he is always looking for new growth opportunities and keen to test new sales channels. Would highly recommend! Joël Goudsmit Founder - Sapje
Frank Zwaan
Frank Zwaan
Working with Yoram and the Adwave team has been a great pleasure. Their great expertise drove our success. Yoram's insights led to a diversification of our creative strategy on Meta, resulting in higher returns and efficiency. In 2023, our Meta ad strategy, led by Yoram, delivered exceptional results. In comparison to 2022, we saw a 49% increase in advertising spend, which translated to a 47% surge in purchases while performing at our target CPA! In conclusion, 2023 was an exceptional year for our Meta advertising strategy, thanks to Yoram's leadership. I wholeheartedly endorse Yoram and the Adwave team for their exceptional skills in digital advertising, and I look forward to be working with them in 2024! Frank Zwaan Head of Growth Oot Granola
Frans Peters
Frans Peters
"Yoram from Adwave Agency is an invaluable asset when it comes to maximizing your online advertising strategy. His contributions quickly became evident: within just 3 months, he not only significantly expanded our Facebook Ads reach but also substantially increased its profitability. Compared to the period before Yoram, our conversion rate shot up by 154%, revenue surged by an impressive 200%, all while reducing the cost per acquisition by 7%! These results have brought us immense satisfaction. Moreover, Yoram's multidisciplinary expertise allows him to offer valuable insights and recommendations across various channels and specialties. In summary, our collaboration with Yoram from Adwave Agency has been highly rewarding, and I wholeheartedly recommend him to any entrepreneur seeking substantial growth in their business! Frans Peters Co-founder Viteezy"

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We focus on a more personal and involved partnership with our clients, ensuring that we don’t just manage accounts but become an integral part of your team. Unlike agencies handling dozens of clients per manager, we limit our client list to ensure each one receives our full attention, dedication, and customized strategies. This results in not just better service but in truly understanding and fulfilling your unique business needs.

We prioritize quality over being the most affordable option. While there are many agencies offering lower rates, often with a single person managing 10 to 30 clients, we focus on providing exceptional care and achieving outstanding results. We work with a limited number of clients, usually 3-4 per advertiser, to guarantee the necessary time and effort required for above-average outcomes. Our monhtly fees depend on the specific business needs, the scope of services, resources required, and the results we achieve for the brand. Our pricing is structured as a base fee plus a performance fee. This fee is calculated based on the ad spend or revenue generated from the channels we manage for you.

Our focus is on driving your brand’s growth to its maximum potential. While we cannot promise fixed outcomes due to external factors, we’re transparent about this reality. Any agency that makes promises about achieving certain results is simply not to be trusted and should be avoided.

Think of our partnership as an external growth marketing team. We maintain close, ongoing communication and involve ourselves deeply in your marketing strategy. You’re always in the loop with our proactive updates and strategy adjustments.

Our services span across Paid Social on platforms like Meta and TikTok, and Paid Search through Google Ads. We create dynamic Performance Creatives, including static ads, videos, and UGC, and design high-converting landing pages to maximize campaign effectiveness.

We operate on flexible month-by-month contracts, allowing you to adjust or cancel services as needed. Our goal is to deliver such outstanding results and value that you’ll see us as an indispensable part of your team.