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We’re Yoram and Niek, performance marketers who love making marketing personal and creative. We’ve got over 20 years of experience between us. Most of our clients come to us after being let down by traditional marketing agencies. They often tell us the same story: they were promised big results, but got nothing but crickets. This bothers us because it gives advertising a bad name, and it’s not how we do things. That’s why we started AdWave.

/ A small group of marketers who really know their stuff

Many advertising specialists, particularly those in larger marketing agencies, focus heavily on hacks, algorithms, and campaign optimizations. While these elements are indeed important, we believe they shouldn’t overshadow the core essence of marketing. That’s why we emphasize the focus on human psychological fundamentals.

Good energy is contagious

/ We only work with ambitious go-getters

Good energy spreads easily, which is why we choose to collaborate with bold and driven individuals whose ambition knows no bounds. We prefer working with Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brands that steer clear of the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and mass production tactics of large agency’s, opting instead to rely on the brand’s unique strengths. We seek out brands who have ambition, courage, and determination because that’s exactly how we approach the game ourselves.

/ We excel in these 3 areas. So can you.

We’ve worked with top brands at major marketing agencies like The Next Ad, IPG Mediabrands, Traffic Builders, and Dept Agency. However, we found ourselves missing the more intimate, personal connection with the clients. We want to truly know you. We’re convinced that as performance marketers, deep engagement is key to understanding the intricacies of a business.

Personal: If we have a fit, we can move forward.

To become a successful growth partner, a connection between us is essential. This connection fosters a bond of trust. When we trust each other, open and meaningful conversations follow. We’ll talk about frustrations, success stories, and growing pains, all of which are vital for crafting a successful multichannel advertising strategy. Together, we’ll make significant decisions involving substantial budgets, so this trust is incredibly important. 

Involved: Staying on top of things.

We’re more than just a tool; we’re an extension of your team. You don’t need to manage us through every step; we intuitively understand what needs to be done. We proactively manage our accounts daily, treating your business as if it were our own. We constantly ask ourselves: Is everything working the way we want it to? What can we do today to bring a positive change tomorrow? Through daily reflection and action, we aim to make your advertising strategy remarkably successful.

Honest: Sometimes growth can be painful

Through our personal approach, we build a bond of trust that’s essential for being completely honest with our clients. This honesty is crucial for helping them grow. If people click on an ad but the website conversion rate is low, we need to have that frank discussion. We tell our clients where things are falling short and where we see room for improvement. This enables them to act swiftly, make informed decisions, and ultimately save money.

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